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History of the AIC:

From its earliest days in 1923 to the present, the American Institute of Chemists has fostered the advancement of the chemical profession in the United States.

AIC Presidents

Dr. Horace G Byers*
Dr. M.L. Crossley*
Dr. Treat B. Johnson*
Dr. Frederick E. Breithut*
Dr. Henry G. Knoght*
Dr. M.L. Crossley*
Dr. Maximilian Toch*
Dr. Robert J. Moore*
Dr. Harry L. Fisher*
Dr. Gustav Egloff*
Dr. Foster D. Snell*
Dr. Lawrence Flett*
Dr. Lincoln T. Work*
Dr. Donaqld B. Keyes*
Dr. Ray P. Dinsmore*
Dr. John H. Nair*
Dr. Henry B. Hass*
Dr. Emil Ott*
Dr. Wayne E. Kuhn
Dr. Milton Harris*
Dr. John Bjorksten*
Dr. C. Harold Fisher
Dr. W. George Parks*
Dr. W.E. Hanford*
Dr.Lloyd H. Reyerson*
Dr. John L. Hickson
Dr. Emmett B. Carmichael*
Mr. Emerson Venable*
Dr. David W. Young
Dr. Ernest R. Gilmont
Dr. Alex P. Mathers*
Dr. O. A. Battista*
Dr. E. Janet Berry
Dr. Roy L. Whistler
Dr. Willard Marcy*
Dr. Herman J. Eichel*
Dr. James N. BeMiller
Dr. Robert N. Milton
Dr.  Gerald Meyer
Dr. Roger P. Maickel
Dr. Roger R. Festa
Dr. Connie M. Hendrickson
Dr. Arvind K.N. Nandedkar
Dr. David W. Riley
Mr. Richard Bradley/Dr. David W. Riley
Dr. Lawrence Duffy/Dr. Kenneth Abate/Dr. David D. Kumar
Dr. David M. Manuta
Dr. Jerry P. Jasinski
Dr. David M. Manuta