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Members and Fellows Lecturer:

(Emmett B. Carmichael Members and Fellows Lecture)

On special occasions, The Institute invites a prominent chemist or chemical engineer to lecture to Members, Fellows, and other interested persons on a topic of current professional interest. Members and Fellows Lecturers are presented with a special award certificate in honor of their selection.

DATE Location Lecturer Topic
September, 1957 Chicago Lloyd A. Hall The Chemist and the AIC
February 16, 1969 New York Emerson Venable Professional Independence
March 31, 1968 San Francisco Lloyd H. Reyerson The AIC
May 10, 1968 Atlanta Emerson Venable Professional Independence
September 6, 1968 Atlantic City John L. Hickson The Uncommon Chemist
October 23, 1968 Pittsburgh Thomas Fox The Chemist and the Commonwealth
November 8, 1968 Chicago Henry Hass Chemistry vs. Malthus
February 14, 1969 Boston C.H. Fisher It’s Not Enough to Talk to Each Other
February 19, 1969 New York Conrad Fernelius Industrial-Academic Interface
February 28, 1969 Buffalo David W. Young Problems in Professional Employment
March 20, 1969 New Orleans E.T. McBee Employer Relations
April 12, 1969 Minneapolis David W. Young Problems in Professional Employment
April 18, 1969 Santa Fe David W. Young Problems in Professional Employment
May 2, 1969 Chicago Emerson Venable The Future of the AIC
May 14, 1969 Saddle Brook E.B. Carmichael The Future of the AIC
September 7, 1969 New York Emerson Venable Facing Mass Discharge of Chemists
October 11, 1969 Detroit Norman C. Gaylord Creativity
November 14, 1969 Cleveland J. Forest Collins He Who Toots Not His Own Horn
January 31, 1970 Los Angeles Emerson Venable Problems, Programs and Prospects of AIC
February 22, 1970 Houston Harold Urey Chemistry on the Moon
March 7, 1970 Orlando William J. Sparks   Science and the Development of Social Conscience
April 11, 1970 Washington, DC John H. Phillips Pesticides in the Environment
May 14, 1970 Pittsburgh David W. Young Antonoi Stradivari—Artist and Chemist
September 13, 1970 Chicago Emerson Venable Current Returns on Mass Discharge Survey
October 25, 1970 Clemson, SC David W. Young Antonoi Stradivari
November 14, 1970 Anaheim Frank L. Lambert The Non-Biodegradable Chemist
March 28, 1971 Los Angeles Emerson Venable Problems and Extent of  Mass Discharge
May 13, 1971 Birmingham Bernard Oser Chemical Food Additives
September 12, 1971 Washington, DC Paul J. Fasser Federal Programs for Unemployed Scientists and Engineers
April 9, 1972 Boston James Gavin Corporate Responsibility to Society
May 18, 1972 Buffalo Robert J. Ullery Industry-Education Coordination
August 27, 1972 New York Raymond Ewell Changing Patterns of Government and  Industrial Research and Development
April 8, 1972 Dallas Norman Hackerman The Professional Chemist in the Current Setting
May 17, 1973 Houston Gordon K. Teal Chemistry, the Ubiquitous Science
August 25, 1973 Chicago Russell C. Drew Scientist and Public Policy
March 31, 1974 Los Angeles C.E. Larson Chemists and the Energy Crisis
September 8, 1974 Atlantic City David T. Stanley Professionals, Unions, Politics, Bureaucracy
April 6, 1975 Philadelphia H. Guyford Stever Science Advice for the President
August 24, 1975 Chicago Herschel Cudd Chemists in U.S. Industry Today
April 4, 1976 New York Alan C. Nixon Opportunities for Youth in Chemistry
August 29, 1976 San Francisco Carl Djerassi Third World Chemistry: The Widening Gulf
March 20, 1977 New Orleans Arthur Kantrowitz The Science Court Experiment
August 28, 1977 Chicago Raymond Mariella Progress on the Professional Front
March 12, 1978 Anaheim James G. Martin The Chemical Nature of Politics (and Vise Versa)
May 6, 1979 Philadelphia Ellington M. Beavers My Son, The Chemist?
March 23, 1980 Houston James D. Idol, Jr. Emerging Potentials in University-Industry Cooperation
August 25, 1980 Las Vegas Albert C. Zettlemoyer Professionalism-Myth or Whim?
March 25, 1981 Atlanta Herman J. Eichel The Splendid Training
August 23, 1981 New York Cecily Cannon Selby Science Education
September 15, 1982 Kansas City Fred W. Lyons, Jr. Pills, Perils, and Prognosis
May 1, 1983 Atlantic City Hubert N. Alyea Lucky Accidents, Great Discoveries and the Prepared Mind
April 8, 1984 St. Louis Clayton Callis Contributions of Chemists to the Bottom Line
August 26, 1984 Philadelphia Robert Naylor Current Problems in Industrial Research
September 8, 1985 Chicago Warren Niederhauser Recent Developments in Industrial Research
April 13, 1986 New York Herman J. Eichel Coupled Reactions-An Economic Model
August 30, 1987 New Orleans George Pimentel Lets Talk About Chemistry
June 5, 1988 Toronto Bryant W. Rossiter Chemistry, The Mother Science
September 10, 1989 Miami Beach Gordon L. Nelson Fire – A Basic Element
February 10, 1996* Charlotte Carolyn E. Damon The Chemical Bond
April 9, 2010 Philadelphia David Kumar Chemical Literacy – What Can Be Done?
April 9, 2010 Philadelphia E. Ray McAfee Dimitri Mendeleev’s Periodic Table and Other Discoveries
April 8, 2011 Philadelphia Jerry P. Jasinski Crystallography  of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds
April 8, 2011 Philadelphia David Riley The Chemistry of Extrusion Engineering
April 13, 2012 Philadelphia Dr. Margot Hall Tumor Markers: The Making of a Senior Honors Thesis Project
April 5, 2013 Philadelphia Dr. David Kumar The Chemist: Looking Forward

*In 1995, the AIC Board of Directors voted to change the name of this lecture series to the Emmett B. Carmichael Members and Fellows Lecture